A 100% green Bitcoin? Tesla, Block and Blockstream are up to the challenge

Quantum of consolation – “Bitcoin consumes more energy than Norway”, “mining is an ecological disaster”. We have all heard them subjects in the society. Sometimes they are stated as unsurpassable truths in rhetoric environmental well oiled. In this case, it is difficult to stay in the field of the bad guys and seek, in vain, explanations to try to influence the curious judgment of the average doxa. But the end of the tunnel may not be that far off. And according to some local initiatives, the trend is slowly reversing and, as the philosopher says, “the path will change”. The United States stood out once again as the pioneers of technology research, at a time when three companies had just joined forces to release Bitcoin from its polluting furrow and enthrone it green. Latest news from Texas !

Texas as an illustration of the renewable energy paradox

the Texas it is the second largest state in the United States behind Alaska and the second most populous after California. One of the peculiarities of this state is that 80% of the population lives in the two gigantic agglomerations of Dallas and Houston. What about the rest? Prairies as far as the eye can see and endless arid areas. In a word, large empty spaces bathed in sunshine and beaten by winds. Well, well, it would be a nice place to enjoy the renewable energies At that time ?

Absolutely. The west of the state is even considered the Eldorado of renewable energy. The problem? The distance between structures and consumers. For example, 34 gigawatts of electricity are produced in this region for only 5 needed! Fortunately, we are able to send 12 gigawatts of energy to the metropolis, but the delta is still too large. So that’s not quite the case profitable investing in “green” plants without financial incentives. But that was before. Before the Tesla project, Block and Blockstream.

In Texas, Bitcoin will be mined thanks to the sun and wind

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Association of benefactors around Bitcoin

On the sidelines of the conference Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, therefore, the CNBC media revealed the information. A great project of ferme de minage of Bitcoin with renewable energies it’s in the boxes. Tesla will supply the solar panels and its unique battery system in the world: the 12 megawatt-hour Megapack to power the installation. on their side, Blockstream And To block will join forces to build the infrastructure needed for mining and monitoring. Indeed, the idea is not only to prove to the world that Bitcoin can be mined with green energy, but also to make it a pilot project.

It will then be a dashboard accessible to the public to follow the output power and the number of bitcoins extracted in real time. Eventually it will also be possible to have data on the production and storage of solar energy.

“This is a step to prove our thesis that bitcoin mining can finance zero-emission electricity infrastructure and create economic growth for the future.”

These words are those ofAdam back, CEO and co-founder of Blockstream. This cryptographic specialist and member of the “Cypherpunks” runs this company specializing in infrastructures for the storage and transfer of digital assets such as Bitcoin. He adds:

People like to discuss the various factors related to bitcoin mining. We said to ourselves, we’ll just prove it. We provide an open dashboard for people to follow the experience, perhaps this will induce other people to join the game“.

The association ofElon Muskd ‘Adam Block and of Jack Dorseythe former Twitter CEO – shook the small world of cryptocurrencies and FinTech in general. If Bitcoin manages to make isolated renewable energy installations profitable, it would be a big favor to its detractors. So it would be possible Bitcoin mine with unused energy in case of excess production or start of a project. It’s a bit like they already do some American tankers. Texan leaders of theecology ? Surely we will have seen everything in cryptocurrencies!

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