A scrambled pool party? Bitcoin warms hearts … and pools!

ASIC pool ! – A bitcoin miner heats your pool thanks to its ASICs so that his children could swim in the cold. All while protecting the Bitcoin network and earning money. After the man who used his mining platform as heating, this Bitcoiner in fact uses the “waste” heat generated by Bitcoin mining in an innovative way. A good return on investment in perspective.

The heat of the ASICs is not lost

Jonathan Yuan is a bitcoin enthusiast. He has children who “I love to swim, but the year before they almost never did it because it was always too cold for them”. Fortunately, he became interested in bitcoin mining and realized that this operation emits a lot of heat.

Yuan said he bought a “Heat exchanger and ASIC installed”. It was therefore able to maintain the temperature of “The pool above 32 ° for the whole summer”.

The process works by immersion. This implementation simultaneously cools the ASICs while “Recover this waste heat and use it for practical applications such as heating living / working spaces, swimming pools or anything that can benefit from heat up to 60 °”.

ASICs installed under the Yuan pool – Source: Bitcointv

However, “when did the Chinese ban” and the adjustment of the difficulty decreased, Yuan made a difficult decision. “Should I mine less bitcoins or turn the pool into a bathtub? “ he wondered.

“When the difficulty dropped, I actually pushed all the ASICs to their limit, bringing the pool temperature above 43 degrees, so the kids couldn’t swim for about a year, a month or two. Yeah, I had to say: sorry guys , the pool is too hot, you can’t swim today. “

Jonathan Yuan, well-inspired Bitcoin miner

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Bitcoin enriches and heats

Since then the adjustment of the difficulty has reached new heights and his children have been able to resume swimming. In addition, Yuan has ” Earn money “ in mining. Interesting fact, “The best part is that the pool acted as a perfect thermal buffer”.

In fact, using Bitcoin miners to heat your pool is more efficient than traditional methods. This keeps up “Temperature changes within 24 hours (…) despite ambient temperatures of up to 4 ° C on certain days”. Yuan is headquartered in Minnesota, which is located in the upper Midwest of the United States. Thus, he was able to keep his pool “warm”, even in cold weather.

Yuan advises anyone with a swimming pool to do the same, as it is “perfect use case scenario”. Allows the recovery of waste heat. His home mining setup went great. Yuan now builds a specific tank for his swimming pool. The latter will be designed to make the pool water flow directly through the heat exchanger.

Yuan's pool is heated by its Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware.
Yuan’s swimming pool. The hot water from the ASICs goes through the yellow pipe – Source: Bitcointv

ASICs are now heating Yuan’s home and he has turned a passion project into a profession. His Bitcoin mining company, CoinHeated, is “Dedicated to transforming the waste heat of Bitcoin miners into productive heat”.

The plan now is to take the pool heating projects to other homes. He is in talks with “manufacturers of heat exchangers who will be able to make something that will not corrode with chemically treated pool water”.

Meanwhile, his children can enjoy the swimming pool, which is heated thanks to the Proof Of Work process.

This isn’t the first time someone has used mining equipment to heat living spaces. Although this is the first time when it comes to heating a swimming pool, a Canadian city is already heating up thanks to Bitcoin.

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