Better return on investment: safe path to wealth creation in the current economic crisis

With all that is going on in the economy, many people are not being told the truth. The media continually lies to many about the economic and political realities, gradually and unceasingly bleak and worse, not only nationally, but globally. The public is satisfied with the pleasure of the present and the moment rather than with the current denial of themselves for a better future for both themselves and their children.

Many people don’t face the hard but very honest truth: that what used to work before doesn’t work anymore. The notion of putting your investments in the hands of your supposedly friendly neighbor called your Financial Advisor, who is very knowledgeable about the P&G (Protection and Growth) of your investment or portfolio. He is the kind man who calls you to wish you a great birthday and checks in with you during the holidays… so will he lead me in the wrong direction?

He is the great advisor who told not only you, but the rest of his clients, to be comprehensive, balanced and well diversified in mutual funds. My question to you is how is that working for you? Maybe you should ask him to show you his own financial portfolio to see how he’s doing personally with his investments… Then maybe you’ll change your mind about changing course right away.

Speaking of making your money grow, it reminds me of the biblical parable of the talented servants, particularly the one with one talent. He had buried his talent in hopes of protecting it from losing it. But the problem with that, too, is that keeping your money safe in your savings account not only doesn’t help you, it hurts you. Due to the fact that there is constant inflation in the economy, the money you keep in your bank, not just several months or several weeks, but several days later, may have less value than when you deposited it in your account. So putting your money in the bank, burying it, or storing it will hurt you rather than help you. Those are the cold, hard but truthful facts that you need to honestly accept.

Now then, what was the recommendation to the “talent gravedigger” servant? Well, he was told that he had given it to moneychangers, or those with expert knowledge in managing one’s finances, so that they could generate a great return for him, instead of letting his investment sit idle or will decrease in value. But then some may go back to the answer of their financial advisors. Again, my answer will be that if his financial adviser is getting great returns that he would like to have in his personal portfolio, then maybe he can follow. Otherwise, start your search today and don’t stop until you’ve found that financial expert who’s succeeding in the investing world and join them and follow their financial principles and philosophy, so you can start achieving the results they’re looking for. having, that you would love to have.

So what is the safest and most guaranteed way to have a better return on investment and create wealth in the current economic crisis? This is how we are doing in the world of investments and financial markets. Well, some of us called experts are… (wait for it…) investing in precious metals and emerging markets. Precious metals? Absolutely! Have you noticed what happened recently in the financial markets, in particular, on March 1, 2011? There was a pretty significant drop in the market, in the DOW and the S&P, but this is just the beginning.

Fast forward to April 22nd, due to the continued weakness of the dollar due to inflation, there is an inverse effect taking place in precious metals. Gold and silver are through the roof. One particularly recommended precious metals ETF was up over 180%… in just 3 months, earning over $200 per share! Again, and this is just the beginning. Personally, and I think it would be the same for many of the investors who make it big in this steadily declining economy, the tried and true formula that many have always thought of as DOW and S&P stocks, for asset growth and the freedom of retirement is not working more

Conclusion: So how do I conclude this note? The state of affairs in the economy, that is, the economic and political realities in the US and on the global horizon, are getting grim and worse…and likely to get much worse. My recomendation? If you were to defy public nature (which is normally to reject the truth and continue in the error of its ways), would you be willing to sacrifice and defer your current and improved lifestyle to a much further and future date, after which you should they have been well positioned to make a profit even in this economy.

My best advice to you is to start changing your ways and start putting all your eggs in the basket of precious metals. My final and very simple questions for you are: “How will your life change if you start acting now?” It is up to you to fully implement this idea and start seeing results very soon. “Are you heavily invested in precious metals, particularly gold and silver-based investments?” and “If you’re not, why don’t you start now and start experiencing the great change that so many are enjoying?”

On a final note, I need to answer some questions/doubts on your mind. You probably have questions on your mind like, “Can I really trust your suggestions/recommendations?“You may be wondering too”What gives you the audacity and authority to write me this article?“Well, the results say it all.

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