Châteaubriant: oppose the departure of employees from the public finance center

Alain de Vieilleville, union representative of the public finance center of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), supports his colleagues concerned about the transfer of the land division. © L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

In full renovation, the Châteaubriant public finance center (Loire-Atlantique) for a year and a half, new services arrive and others leave the local antenna. The recent testifies to this inauguration of the pension management center who joined the premises of Avenue de la Citoyenneté from September 2021. An event marked by the arrival on Wednesday 9 March of the National Director of Public Finance, Jérôme Fournel and the Regional Director, Véronique Py.

A big reorganization

Chosen from more than 400 candidate cities to welcome this service, the Municipality welcomed more than twenty new public employees since September. Good news on the way after the subsequent closures of land registry, cash and business services; the latter is offset by the arrival of the service to individuals, which now has 25 employees. The pension service has around twenty employees.

“These are services that have been relocated from Paris and Corsica as part of the construction of the new local public finance network”, he specifies Alain de Vieilleville, union representative Solidarity in public finance with the center of Castelbriantais.

However, he and many of his colleagues point to a substantial new task that obscures the celebrations framework. Because parallel to the deployment of this new local service, another local service is preparing to leave the sub-prefecture.

“We were told last week thata departmental territorial service was to be created in two areas, in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire », Indicates the first-class controller. In the end, employees specialized in land missions based in Châteaubriant, Pornic and Rezé will have to integrate these two departmental branches, as part of the property tax reform.

The files of the territory overshadowed?

Six employees are interested in the Châteaubriant public finance center, which currently manages almost 65 municipalities. “They will have to follow the mission in Nantes or change service by September 2023. For these six people it is total uncertainty, they do not know if they will have to move or not. “

These employees carry out various activities on a daily basis: calculating real estate tax bases, adjustments, processing disputes, etc. For Alain de Vieilleville, the transfer of this activity would be harmful to the territory.

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“Many agents have chosen to work in Châteaubriant and are very knowledgeable in local matters. How many people in Nantes will be able to make a reduction in the property tax for young farmers? We know that our colleagues in Nantes are already overwhelmed by the dossiers. When they see the college of Châteaubriant coming, after all, everything else will pass. “

The maintenance of the posts in Châteaubriant is requested

Pascal Pannier, principal controller of the Châteaubriant public finance center, he also disputes this approach announced by the regional management: “Wherever local land services have been abolished, municipal revenues have fallen,” he tells elected officials.

Interested employees decided to write to the mayor of Châteaubriant share their concerns and denounce the flight of local public services, driven by the dematerialization policy led by the Ministry of Finance. “While the Defender of Rights highlighted the increasingly marked digital divide in terms of administrative procedures, the administration will keep users away from the last points of contact with management services.

This last invite employees to stay on site at the Châteaubriant site,integrating them into a “permanent branch of Nantes services, thanks to the flexibility of the new IT resources”. Employees count on the attentive ear of the mayor and the community president. “Mr. Hunault has invested heavily in the arrival of new employees in the pension service. We think he will know how to listen to us. Questioned upstream by the employees of the Châteaubriant public finance center, the mayor has already informed the public finance directorate of his desire to see the land complex “perpetuated in Châteaubriant”.

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