Crazy for NFT, American giants are invading the metaverse

Ready player one? – Great American brands from all sectors they are pushing at the gates of the metaverse. Each of them really wants to make sure they don’t miss this train of opportunity. For some, filing their trademark in this new space is a simple legal exercise to guarantee protect your image. However, it is clear from the applications submitted by the marks that it is not just a question of protection. Of McDonald’s at Victoria’s Secret, the digital world promises to be well fed and well dressed.

Companies with a combined market capitalization of approximately $ 1.1 trillion filed trademark applications related to metaverse and NFT this year. Included A half, this figure would amount to nearly $ 2 trillion. Furthermore, 1,967 complaints related to NFT were filed from January 2022. This is already more than the total for the whole of 2021. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Chevron, McDonald’s, Monster, Colgate, WWE, Levis, Playboy, and others are preparing to enter the metaverse. Among other things, the aim is to protect their intellectual property.

McDonald’s, McCafe and the famous Golden Arches set the table in this virtual world. They plan to offer both real and virtual products through their restaurants in the metaverse. Because of this, you’ll soon be able to walk into a McDonald’s in the metaverse, order a BigMac, and have it delivered to your home in the real world.

The Monster Energy drink and energy drink brand has often seemed to be at the forefront of trends. Their transition to the metaverse is therefore not really surprising. Like McDonald’s, they seek to use their brand to offer downloadable virtual NFTs, food, drinks and clothing, and create a marketplace for virtual goods.

Food and beverage brands are all storage applications for offering virtual restaurants and food. In games, food is thick linked to health or regeneration bonuses. The ability to be a recognized option for a player to regain their health should provide immense brand awareness for the brands involved.

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Style in the virtual world

Another trend concerns clothing. Skins and cosmetics in games are in great demand. In fact, the leather market is estimated at around 40 billion dollars. Metaverse projects try to build on traditional gaming experiences such as Second life. Brands, on the other hand, are preparing to propose their designs in this virtual world. Therefore, Levi’s, Wrangler, Playboy, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Tommy HilfigerVersace and Vans all have registered trademarks relating to NFTs.

In February, lingerie, apparel and beauty brand Victoria’s Secret filed several brands. These brands include, but are not limited to, downloadable virtual goods, digital collectibles, virtual fashion shows and clothes online, including underwear. The brand sees an incredible opportunity in the metaverse. It is easy to see that there is a potential market for virtual fashion shows. However, virtual underwear is something the metaverse developers themselves may not have considered yet.

Sandbox's Metaverse Fashion Week has already started virtual fashion shows.

Chevron is also preparing for the metaverse. NFT, virtual gas, virtual stores and virtual renewable energy products will be covered by the brand. Virtual gas will likely be a tool for operate vehicles in the metaverse. If it takes a certain budget to have style in the virtual world, imagine when you’re going to fill up on your sports car …

The next wave of the digital revolution will be in the partnerships created between projects. The NFTs are now being created to make their way into metaverse projects. Furthermore, metaverse projects build their ecosystem in such a way allow third party NFT collections to join their world. Collaboration and fluency will therefore be crucial aspects of the success of virtual asset projects in the coming years. Some brands have already done this fashion show in the virtual world of The Sandbox during Metaverse Fashion Week.

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