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Who said that financial investments are incompatible with the theme of sustainable development? This is precisely the promise made by French fintech Good vest.

This allows you to invest through life insurance and generate a significant return by fighting climate change. It stands out from many industry players who use the green argument as a rather unscrupulous marketing method. Goodvest also wants to do better than the players who offer investments for sustainable development… heavily penalizing returns.

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By opting for your investment, you will only be exposed to funds that comply with the principles of the Paris Agreement. On its official website, Goodvest specifies that it analyzes “the entire carbon footprint of companies and projects: therefore, all our savings portfolios have a global warming trajectory of less than 2 ° C”which recalls this agreement concluded between 194 States and the European Union.

Very generous profitability

Economists are used to saying that there is no “free lunch” (no free meals). In other words, the high return on an investment is accompanied by a significant risk; and any safe investment has a low return.

Depending on your profile, you will then have the possibility to choose between various portfolios to adjust this risk / reward ratio. Goodvest has the distinction of not offering funds in euros with guaranteed capital. There will therefore always be a risk dimension in your investments, but you have the option to limit it as much as possible.

In a few clicks and by entering some information on your profile, the fintech simulator will let you know which return you can request. Of course, past performance is not an indication of future profitability, but it can still give you some indication.

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Obviously, investors (seasoned or not) who have convictions in terms of sustainable development will be the first to embrace the methods used by Goodvest. However, fintech is for everyone : its life insurance certainly has an ethical and environmental dimension, but the returns are entirely in line with market standards (or even better).

As you can see below, the past performance of its five portfolios has produced a performance of between 3.72% and 10.75% per annum, net of management fees. While the Livret A book generates a negative real return (1% net versus 4.5% inflation over one year in March 2022), this alternative proposed by Goodvest deserves consideration.

Returns based on customer profile © Goodvest

Goodvest, in addition to the dual role of a company registered with the ORIAS and of Financial Investment Advisor (activity regulated by the AMF), entrusts the management of this life insurance to its historical partner Generali.

The first means of saving in France

While the concept of life insurance may seem outdated and rigid for the young, it is still the first means of saving in France (far ahead of the Livret A). According to data from France Assureurs, at the end of December 2021, outstanding loans on life insurance contracts reached € 1,876 billion.

Life insurance is a long-term investment which must however be very flexible. If you have a real advantage in keeping your savings over a period of 8 years (to get a very attractive tax deduction), the capital remains available at all times if needed.

If you can’t resist for that long, you can also consider this Goodvest offer as a classic financial investment subject to the single lump sum deduction (30%), like an investment in shares, for example.

By choosing the funds promoted by Goodvest, you have the opportunity to be exposed to global themes: environment and ecological transition, green energy, access to water, employment and solidarity, health and research or responsible emerging countries. This makes investing more accessible for those who don’t necessarily know the companies active in these segments.

Entrance fee: 500 euros

Whether it’s life insurance or investment funds, the entrance fee is often a barrier to entry for the general public. Goodvest removed this constraint by asking only for an initial capital of 500 euros. It opens the door to financial products that have long been reserved for a small elite.

To raise public awareness of (sustainable) investing, Goodvest offers clear and in-depth monitoring on its platform, in line with its excellent performance simulator. Once you’ve chosen a portfolio, you’ll find a feed of environmental and social news from related companies and projects.

Simulate my performance

Finally, to stay consistent with socially responsible investing, Goodvest had to be transparent about fees. As it operates all online services, it is able to do almost double that of the rest of the market. On average, your savings cost between 1.65% and 1.90% per year depending on your profile. There are three levels of commissions which are transparently detailed on the site.

An exclusive offer for our readers

What’s better than a small financial advantage to start investing? Goodvest allows our readers to take advantage of the referral code PRESS CITRON to get an immediate reduction of up to 500 euros on your management fees. This will allow you to further reduce your bill for the first steps in life insurance.

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