“Cryptos Aims For Strong Recovery” – Top 3 Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions

  • The price of bitcoin is showing strength despite the recent drop, suggesting a bullish move to $ 52,000.
  • The price of Ethereum rises before hitting $ 4,000.
  • The price of XRP is likely to drop to the downside before catalyzing an exponential rise to $ 1.

The price of bitcoin has dropped lately, but that has allowed some altcoins to go wild. Ethereum and Ripple don’t appear to be on this list and will likely take it more time before activating a bull rise.

Bitcoin’s price is gearing up for its next step

The price of bitcoin is again testing the level of $ 42 076 support after falling nearly 12% from a March 28 high of $ 48,238. Interestingly, that level also coincides with the $ 40,490 to $ 42,316 demand zone and is also home to the 50-day and 100-day simple moving averages (SMA).

Therefore, a new test of this launchpad is why investors can expect a high probability of an upside that pushes the price of Bitcoin to $ 44,580. If buyers reject it and reverse it in a support plan, it will pave the way for the bulls to retest the 200-day SMA at $ 48,248.

In a very bullish case, Bitcoin’s price will try to retest the psychological level of $ 50,000 and the $ 52,000 ceiling. This increase, in total, would constitute a rise of 21% and is probably where the upside of the big cryptocurrency is limited.

1-day BTC / USD chart

As things are improving for Bitcoin’s price, a sudden increase in selling pressure pushing it below the $ 40,490 level will invalidate the bullish thesis and set the stage for a retest of the 34. $ 752 support barrier.

The price of Ethereum skyrockets

The price of Ethereum has remained above the high-volume node at $ 3,136 for four days. If the second largest cryptocurrency in the world rises, ETH is perfectly positioned to rise to $ 3,703, which is the low-volume node.

In a very bullish caseEthereum’s price could expand to the next high volume node at $ 4,040, bringing the total increase to 27%.

In the event of a downturn, ETH has a support cluster, ranging from $ 2,820 to $ 2,966, which also hosts the 50 and 100 day SMAs.

1-day ETH / USD chart

A break out of that confluence of support which produces an almost daily candle below $ 2,820 will create a lower low. Furthermore, it would favor the bears and invalidate the bullish thesis. If so, ETH may retest the next high volume node up to $ 2,584.

The price struggles for XRP

The ripple price remained on its bullish trajectory for nearly a month, but the April 6 drop pushed it below the 2022 volume profile checkpoint at $ 0.771. This level is where the largest volume is trading for 2022.

Therefore, a swing from this level to a resistance barrier will indicate that the bulls are weak and the bears are in control. Due to this decline, investors can expect Ripple to slide to the downside as well Test the $ 0.657 support level again.

A rebound from this barrier is likely to trigger a rise in the price of XRP which restarts its uptrend. The ensuing bullish rally should take the $ 0.771 checkpoint for a chance to revisit the $ 1 psychological level.

1-day XRP / USD chart

On the other hand, if Ripple’s price breaks below the $ 0.601 support level, it will create a lower low and invalidate the bullish thesis. In this situation, XRP could drop to $ 0.548.

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