Department of Public Finance: a new local payment service for tobacconists


With the fall of the leaves comes the season of tax sheets in mailboxes or on the Internet. The opportunity for Jean-Marc Leleu, departmental director of public finance of the Vosges to take stock of the news offered to users and the development of dematerialized services. a new on-site payment service allows you to pay taxes and duties up to 300 euros at certain tobacconists.

According to data from 2021, the Vosges department has 216,619 tax families, of which 92,534 are subject to income tax. This represents 43% of the population, slightly below the national level at 50%.
However, regardless of whether or not you are subject to income tax, house tax or property tax, everyone will receive or have already received their sheet for the year 2020. This year, the opinions they took colors to be differentiated more easily. Blue for income tax, orange for housing tax and dark green for property tax.

Income tax

However, in the event of an error, it is possible to correct when the declaration has been made online. This device is accessible until mid-December from any “private space”. The service allows you to change the number of dependents, changes of address, family situation, etc.
If the taxman detects an overpayment or an increase in the balance to be paid, it adjusts and, if necessary, will reimburse or establish a program. If you owe more than € 300, you will be charged in multiple monthly installments until December. 88,000 families benefited from a reduction of 60 million euros.

City tax

An automatic reduction of the housing tax (TH) for the main residence, subject to income, has been gradually implemented over three years since 2018. In the department, this represents a decrease of 206 million for 135,000 Vosges households. A tax destined to disappear for all in 2023. Every household that owns a television is liable for the contribution to public broadcasting. The tourist tax on second homes is maintained. Payment is scheduled for November 15, 2021 or December 15.

Property tax

Applies to all built or unbuilt properties. A new service was introduced in early August of this year. This is the “Manage my properties (GMBI)” power. Every owner, private or professional, now has an overview of their built properties. By accessing your personal space, you can view the characteristics of your property, its description, its nature, its surface, the number of rooms. The long-term goal of this system is to eliminate urban planning taxes, declare the occupant of residential premises and collect, as part of the rents review, the rents of the residential premises online. In 2020, the 163,320 taxpayers of the Vosges paid € 201,099,647 for the tax on built properties and € 8,927,901 for non-built properties.

Up to 300 euros in tobacconists

There are several ways to pay taxes. Online, billed at maturity or billed monthly, by check or SEPA TIP. But it is also possible to pay directly at the tobacconists. 87 of them are approved partners of the Directorate-General for Public Finance in the Vosges, including 8 in Epinal. The device, already widely used to pay fines, aims to contribute to life in rural areas. For reviews up to $ 300, all you have to do is come up with your review, which has a Flashcode. (List of reception points on the website

Jean-Marc Leleu also recalled, during the press conference, that it is necessary to remain vigilant in the face of fraudulent messages that any taxpayer can receive. And remember never to reply to these messages or to open the “attachments”. “There is always a way to get information and contact us. In financial centers, by phone on 0809 401 401, on the website or by message from each user’s secure messaging service from their personal space. Users, since everyone has the right to make a mistake, can connect to the oups; site even if they want to rectify or contest “.


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