Disagreement between the CGT and the department of public finance on the strategy of the Marne

“A stupid business.” This is what the CGT of the Public Finance of the Marne denounced in a press release. “Move” against “job cuts”. “The transfer of services currently installed in large cities to medium-sized cities has been announced, with the key to the promise of job creation and the arrival of agents and their families”details Saïd Zerar, spokesman for the CGT.

Between 2010 and 2022, 295 job cuts in Marne

Châlons should therefore see the landing, by 2024, of 100 agents in three different departments. But, in parallel with this relocation project, the Directorate General of Public Finance has caused and caused the disappearance of jobs: “1,506 in 2022 nationwide, or 19 cancellations for the Marne, and it has already been announced that the bleeding will continue”, notify the CGT you wish “Denounce this communication exercise that wants the population to believe that jobs are created in our department”. Why, between 2010 and 2022, the Departmental Directorate of Public Finance (DDFip) “it will have undergone 295 cancellations, almost 200 more than the 100 announced as part of the relocation project”.

This observation, Laurent Fourquet, director of DDFip, does not contest it. However, he wishes to point out: «The Marne is not treated in a singular way by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. It is a political choice made, indisputable and unchallenged, by the various majorities for many years. It is their right that the trade unions are against this provision, but this file is completely separate from the rest. “ With or without the transfer, these measures would have been implemented, according to the official. “It is a general movement. “

“La Marne is not treated singularly by the Ministry of Economy and Finance”

In summary, the decentralization of services in large cities does not serve to compensate for the losses of agents suffered in Châlons-en-Champagne, Reims, Épernay, Fismes or at the other sites, “To a lesser extent”. “It is at least on the one hand, and more”, summarizes.

The treasures closed one after the other

The French service spaces replace the treasury offices in some municipalities.

“It therefore seems that the prevailing republican logic of providing the same public service, to all users, throughout the territory, is no longer relevant for the DGFip”, denounces the CGT in its press release. Over the past five years, DDFip has closed the following treasure chests: Anglure, Avize, Ay, Dormans, Montmirail, Mourmelon-le-Grand, Pontfaverger, Suippes, Verzy and Ville-en Tardenois. “
Starting from January 1, 2022, those of Sermaize-les-Bains and Hermonville are sacrificed and the management has already planned the closure of Sainte-Ménehould and Sézanne for January 1, 2023 “.
the union details. This reorganization is not “not a scoop”, as Laurent Fourquet, director of DDFip, points out. “We signed an agreement in 2019 with the Department to create a new local network. It then assumes the reduction of “Permanent locations, often small expired services with too few agents”, against a presence “reinforced” in France service houses or town halls. “We are gaining flexibility and now we are present in the municipalities, where there was no presence before. “

These openings “A day or two a week” however, they are considered insufficient by the CGT. “Some hotlines are scheduled for less than five days a year”, she points out and this, with no guarantees on time. “An agreement up to 2026 filmed with evaluation and possibility of review every year. And then ? “, ask the union. On this point, the management replies that this operation “is the subject of an annual monitoring committee of the Department’s elected officials” And “The charter is respected to the letter”. There is therefore no cause for concern about this, according to the DDFip.

That Châlons benefits from a hundred jobs in three years, “the only community to reach this figure with two zeros”is therefore, according to the director, “A real net gain” for the territory. What the CGT still refutes. “It is a lure to believe that agents will come in large numbers to settle in the Marne with their families. For example, of the first fifteen awarded in 2021, only six were stationed in the Paris region.continues the trade unionist.

Aureliano Laudy

The DDFip insists however: this operation must make it possible “Densifier” the services present within the municipality of Châlons in several phases: about fifty agents in September 2022, others in 2023 and the balance, with ten agents, in 2024, explains Anne Patru, deputy director of the administration of the Marne. Thirty will be allocated to support land registration on the premises of the Cité Tirlet. Twenty-two will eventually also move to the current premises in the direction of rue Sainte-Marguerite, a “strengthen” the pay link service, and finally a call center, “contacting professionals for corporate tax matters”made up of 49 agents, it will be installed in September 2023 at the Chanzy barracks, in a building owned by the Agglo.

The number


Or the number of cities in the Marne where the DDFip still has offices: Châlons, Reims, Épernay, Fismes, Vitry-le-François, Sainte-Ménehould and Sézanne

Again, this point does not leave the CGT without reaction. “The DGFip is evaluating the possibility of renting a space to be rehabilitated even if some buildings currently occupied are half-empty due to job cuts …” He mentions in particular the administrative town of Tirlet to which he belongs “to the state civil service” and therefore it costs nothing. “It is not the realityLaurent Fourquet objects instead. Agents will be delighted to learn that they work in large empty spaces, we are not alone in Tirlet, there are other services. “

And the director of public finance to guarantee that there is no room for a call center of fifty peoplewhich also requires “technical elements in acoustics”which Tirlet does not have. “I have no qualms on the subject, of course we would prefer to use our state facilities, but this is not possible here. “

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