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Easter is fast approaching. In addition to the essential chocolates, you may be entitled to the gifts that come with them. Whatever the amount, it would be wise to invest it rather than let it languish in your Livret A. Just Mon Petit Placement, the French fintech that makes the best investments simple and accessible to all, is there to help you. see more clearly and give you the turnkey solution to invest your money like the pros!

Sometimes it is said that investments are reserved for the wealthy, for those with a professional football career behind them, a bac + 5 in finance or those who scrutinize the fluctuations of the CAC 40 all day. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again! Investing your money is easier than you think, even for small wallets and people who, a priori, know absolutely nothing about it. Provided, of course, that you have the right solution to get started! And keep in mind a golden rule: avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. In this regard, Mon Petit Placement offers a simple and effective solution to invest your money in 10 minutes!

Tips, questions / answers, simulations: just invest in 10 minutes with Mon Petit Placement.

The King’s Choice

Don’t let your savings sleep on your Livret A, its yield is so low (1%) that it is below the inflation rate! Which would mean, so to speak, a waste of money … Thanks to Mon Petit Placement, you have a wide range of portfolios to invest in:

  • Volunteer (3% per year), to play “flat foot safety”.
  • Energetic (5%), to aim for performance without getting too excited (like a French club starting a Europa League).
  • Ambitious (8%), if the risk doesn’t scare you.
  • Intrepid (12%), to achieve high long-term profitability.

    Furthermore, everyone can decide to invest in issues that are close to their hearts: climate, technology, health, solidarity, work, equality and recovery. For example, you can make your savings work by staying true to your values!

    Invest little by little starting from € 300

    It’s okay to go for high-yielding investments, but keep in mind that the higher the potential rate of return, the greater the risk. This is why it is important to be well accompanied, to make the best choices! And this is good: Mon Petit Placement invites you to discover the placement that’s right for you for free and in a few clicks. To do this, all you need to do is answer a few questions that will allow their experts to send you a personalized video with the details of the investment that’s right for you. Thanks to them you will know what amount of money to put on more or less risky portfolios, and which savings to keep warm. Do you want the best? Once placed, your money is never blocked: you can withdraw it at any time for free!

    Have good practices

    As a good investor, you will prefer to invest your money little by little rather than bet large sums right from the start.You will opt for regular payments, keeping you informed about the state of the market and financial products that could bring big profits. . And if the value of one of your wallets goes down, you won’t rush to recover what can be saved, because you know full well that the situation is bound to improve in the long run. Finally, with Mon Petit Placement, rest assured because you know that you will have neither entry nor exit commissions to pay and that a commission will only be charged if your investment goes well: the definition of a win-win deal!

    A coach you can count on

    Mon Petit Placement collaborates with the major insurers on the market, such as Generali or Apcil. It also offers high-end financial products (Lazard, Pictet, JP Morgan, etc.), selected by experts. Clearly, Mon Petit Placement is a reliable solution, based on proven investments. In addition, its consultants, reachable by phone or via the integrated chat, are hyper reactive and very willing to answer all your questions. So what are you waiting for?

    As a bonus, So Foot allows you to benefit from a 30% reduction on performance fees for one year if you sign up with the code FOOT30.


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