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The new index band was activated on 1 April and applies to all income in Luxembourg.

Salary increase

The new index band was activated on 1 April and applies to all income in Luxembourg.

Salaries, pensions, everything increases with the index. Activated on 1 April, this general increase of 2.5% which applies to all income in Luxembourg will be the only one for the year 2022. This Monday, the Ministry of Social Security and the Inspectorate General of Social Security ( IGSS) detailed the amounts of the new social parameters that came into force at the beginning of the month.

This is good news for all employees, civil servants and retirees: Statec confirmed Wednesday morning that wage indexation will take effect Friday.

Therefore, the highest minimum wage in Europe was logically revised upwards. For an unskilled worker it is fixed at 2,313.38 euros (+56.43 euros), while for a skilled worker it amounts to € 2,776.05 (+ € 67.70). The amounts for minors have also been detailed. If they are 15 or 16, their minimum wage is set at 1,735.03 eurosand goes to 1,850.70 euros at the age of 17.

Luxembourg’s minimum pension for a full career is also on the rise. It even exceeds, for the first time, the 2,000 euros, settling down 2,035.19 euros gross per month. The maximum is, for its part, set at 9,422.19 euros.

€ 2,313 for parental leave

An increase that also applies to family allowances. These are now fixed at € 278.45 per child and per month (against € 271.66). The increase based on age increases by 0.52 euros for 6-11 years old (21.05 euros) and by 1.28 euros for those over 12 years old (52.53 euros). Furthermore, if the tripartite agreement negotiated at the end of March provides for a single indexation of wages in the next year, family allowances will remain indexed. The cost of living allowance increases to 1,652 euros for one person e 2,065 euros for a family of two.

According to the study, nearly one in two workers (40%) has never even dared to ask for a pay raise.

Added to this is an increase in income in lieu of parental leave. Its minimum amount is now 2,313.38 euros per month (with an increase of 56.43 euros), and cannot exceed 3,855.63 euros per month.

Finally, the index also allows for an increase in income for people with severe disabilities. This goes to 1623.18 euros for one person only, e 2,432.92 euros for a family of two. The indemnity for inclusion goes from 791.80 euros to 811.59 euros. And the REVIS, the social inclusion income, is now set at 1,621.86 euros for one person e 2,432.92 euros for a family of two.

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