Lotto: 40 new public finance officials arrive this year, real estate agencies are preparing

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Over the next few months, 40 public finance officials will arrive in Cahors. This follows the candidacy of the city selected by the Ministry of Economy and Finance as part of a strategy of repositioning of agents from Paris and the metropolitan areas. 16 real estate agencies were then contacted by Grand Cahors to anticipate their arrival.

They come from Paris or from French cities, new hires for some, choice of a new life for others, single, as a couple with or without children, they all have profiles but have volunteered to settle in Cahors. A dozen public finance officials are already expected to arrive for training sessions next April. All 40 agents are expected to take up their duties in September when the service opens. Their offices will be located in the Carmes building, which is owned by the state. The arrival of these new agents is an event for the city and for the department, more generally: the culmination of several years of hope and work.

As part of the relocation of state services, in fact, a call was launched in October 2019. Cahors had applied, in collaboration with the DDFIP (Departmental Directorate of Public Finance) and the Lot department. The application of several dozen pages showed the various facets of what the city can offer: cultural and sporting offers, diversity of housing offers, individualized support that agents will be able to benefit from when they settle in the area. The city was therefore chosen to host a contact center for professionals (CC Pros) for the DGFiP (Directorate General for Public Finance).

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Personalized support

Thus, as part of this support for these agents in their new life and to anticipate their arrival, Grand Cahors, through its attraction director Céline Julien, sent letters to 16 real estate agencies. The idea is that they are ready, when the time comes, to be privileged interlocutors and to facilitate the real estate searches of the 40 agents. “We are committed to offering them a personalized follow-up to find solutions for children, for example, or for accommodation. We welcome, listen to their needs and try to support them, guide them, in short, we give hand-sewing. as we have been doing for a while as part of the “Oh my Lot” approach explains the city of Cahors.

Caroline Mouly, manager of the homonymous real estate agency, is delighted with the imminent arrival of the agents and their families, she is one of the 16 agents contacted. “This is excellent news for the dynamism of our city and the Cadurcy businesses. They will find accommodation, they will consume, they will invest in our schools and in our local life, it is very positive”. she claims. According to the professional, public employees should first look for a rental property, with the idea of ​​discovering the city, its surroundings and the countryside and then perhaps investing. “We have properties to rent or to buy for all profiles. Of course, it all depends on when they come to us, but if they come in June-July it will be when there is more movement, there will be offers”. she points out.

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Shortage of goods

The manager of the Guy Hoquet real estate agency in Cahors is much more skeptical. “I am very happy with this news, but sadly the rental market in Cadurcy is saturated. It is catastrophic, we have had an 80% drop in one year. I have a property at the moment for 30 requests, rents are rare when I am in. sale on the contrary, the demands explode, the owners prefer to rent for a season for one or two years, it’s easy “. observes Jean-Marc Nordmann. The agent then replied to the Municipality, asking the Municipality for a decisive action to unblock the market. “We have to encourage landlords to rent all year round, otherwise we go straight to the wall. Maybe help them fiscally, lower the property tax.”

40 public finance officials will gradually arrive over the next few months

The Marin agency in Castelnau-Montratier was also contacted by Grand Cahors. Geoffroy Marin welcomes the initiative: “it is very nice to rely on us and ask ourselves upstream, but the reality on the field at the moment is complicated”. He explains. For 34 years, the family business has only offered goods for sale. “But today we are short of goods! I have three times fewer sellers than before Covid, it is difficult to satisfy the demand. In this context, prices have also increased”. The professional thinks of diversifying. He sees the arrival of rental properties in his sector of him, which was not the case before. “With the crisis, people are taking refuge in stone and want to generate rental income. With the arrival of 40 agents, why not start this service within the agency and offer rental properties.” he finishes.

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