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Presidential election 2022dossier

From Pas-de-Calais, the outgoing president has drafted a small concession to left-wing voters on the subject of legal age: “if there is too much tension”, the reform he intends to initiate in 2023 could stop in 2027 and therefore set the starting point between 63 and 64 years.

First day of intermediate rounds, first concession to left-wing voters. However, it was necessary to go back several times to understand what Emmanuel Macron could agree to give up on his pension reform. Wrapped in the leather of a bar bench, on the sidelines of his trip to the North, for an end-of-day interview with Bruce Toussaint, one of the journalists of BFM-TV, the outgoing president has hinted that the future legal retirement age will eventually end. he could not reach the age of 65 announced in his program. “I’m ready to discuss the pace and limits”he began, before alluding to this “perhaps […] if there is too much tension, it [faudra] stop what we are doing until 2027 “. Macron has planned to gradually shift the retirement age – now set at 62 – by 4 months a year from 2023 to 2032, the date on which – in the event of re-election – retirement at the age of 65 will have to take effect. . But if this progress were to stop in 2027, as he implied, this “carried” it could therefore stop between the ages of 63 and 64.

“I open the door very clearly”insisted even though the “clarity” of the announcement is far from appropriate. For a simple reason: postponing the retirement to 65 was one of his scorers, before the first round, destined to steal – a winning bet – the electorate of Valérie Pécresse. But over the weeks, this divisive measure has become the emblem of her overconfidence. So confident of being re-elected, Emmanuel Macron, that he would be ready to begin his next five-year term with a painful social decline? In contact with the inhabitants of Denain and Carvin, a municipality in the Marine Le Pen district, on Monday he continued to be questioned about the retirement age. A band-aid for Macron who must convince the left-wing voters in particular to give him the vote on April 24 while the “dam” against the far right takes water.

“We can’t say Sunday evening ‘I want to gather’ and, when we go to listen to people, say ‘I don’t move'”.

“If you have to give yourself a shorter time horizon for it to be more understandable, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of itso Macron admitted leaving this interview. You need to know how to move to be heard on the right things, staying on your fundamentals. It is a possible “review clause” at the end of his possible second term. 65-year-olds would no longer be a “dogma” ? “I think the question that is being asked of the nation today is” pension reform at 65 or not? “, The answer is no“, claimed. I’m ready to shift the relationship over time and say we won’t necessarily reform until 2030 if I feel too much anxiety among people. Because on Sunday evening you can’t say “I want to gather” and, when you go to listen to people, say “I don’t move”.

As he did during the presentation of his program on March 17, Macron justified this so-called “parametric” reform with the need to finance and safeguard the “treasure” of the French pay-as-you-go system. Refusing to increase contributions, he tried to persuade that postponing the legal age was the only solution and attacked, in the head Marine Le Pen, those who put on the table a project that contained a return at 60 or keep it at 62. On the other hand, he is committed “Maintain the long career system” allowing those who started young to do so “start substantially earlier”. “Disabled people, I want them to be able to continue starting at 55”, he assured. Finally, Macron seemed ready to reinstate some difficult criteria: “If you do hard work every day […] where you are detached, where you work at night, where you lift loads, these are jobs where you have to […] give yourself a pension and you must be able to leave [plus tôt]. “ Small useful reminder all the same: the hardship account created under his predecessor, François Hollande, already allows some employees to leave before the legal age for departure. But four of the ten criteria established at the beginning – “Painful positions”, “manual handling of loads”, “mechanical vibrations” and “dangerous chemical agents” – were canceled in 2018 by a certain … Emmanuel Macron.

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