Ploermel-Questembert. Public finance reform: a “catastrophe” for trade unions


Posted December 3, 2021

It’s a bit like a swan song. This Friday morning, the Morbihan Intersyndicale des Finances Publiques (CFDT, CGT, FO, Solidaires Finances Publiques) held a press conference in front of the Ploërmel tax center. “The public finance center of Ploërmel will undergo profound changes at the beginning of 2022 within the new local network (PNR), with the transfer of all current missions”, they underline. In summary, from 1 January the Ploërmel center will no longer have any activity towards the general public, apart from the land registry in a very marginal way. To obtain information, users must contact the Maisons France Services. “It’s not the same thing,” union representatives insist. Because in these Maisons France Services, the welcome is ensured by a “multiservice” employee. A tax agent will come and stay there for a day from time to time, but you’ll need to make an appointment for that. “You will see how the lines in front of this house in Ploërmel will lengthen …”, predict the delegates who also denounce a foolish pact. “It is the local authorities that will recover this workload in exchange for temporary help of 30 thousand euros”. All the more so as they underline the fact that their professions require very specific skills that the employees of the France Service Houses will not necessarily have. They also note that the Maison France service in Ploërmel will not be ready in January. As the works have been delayed, a temporary solution will be put in place.

For the trade unionists who were encircled by Ploërmel’s tax officials this morning, this reform is “a disaster” in all sectors. For users who will be deprived of a local service. For agents who will have to choose between changing jobs to stay in place or traveling tens of kilometers to keep their own. Also for the environment, since these groups will force users and agents to travel tens of kilometers by car to get information or to get to work.

And then, for these trade unionists, the case of Ploërmel is also the symbol of a sort of “betrayal” of the local elected officials and in particular of the mayor, Patrick Le Diffon. According to them, Ploërmel is the only sector of the department where elected officials have accepted the implementation of this reform, unlike Auray where the mobilization of elected officials has allowed the maintenance of a stay.

The date of January 1, 2022 marks a “critical phase in the implementation of the reform” since, in addition to the reorganization that affects the Ploërmel center, it marks the closure of the Questembert and Mauron banks.

For over 2 years, the Intersyndicale des Finances Publiques (CFDT, CGT, FO, Solidaires Finances Publiques) with agents have been fighting against this reform. But she promises that this January 1, 2022 will not mark the end of history, convinced that the harmful consequences of this reorganization will give them the opportunity to prove that their struggle was well founded….

In a press release, the intersyndicale explains his concerns and requests:

“The Morbihan Public Finance Union continues its fight against the dismantling of the DGFIP network set up by the New Local Network (NRP).

Today, through our presence in Ploërmel, the inter-union denounces the new job closures that will take place on January 1, 2022 with the closure of the Questembert and Mauron treasuries and for the Ploërmel site, the transfer of all missions current.

All the municipalities of Ploërmel Communauté will be managed by a future accounting management service based in Pontivy. Ploërmel’s Personal Tax Service (SIP) will be moved to Pontivy and Ploërmel’s Business Tax Service (SIE) to Vannes!

About Ploërmel:

There will remain only one service that brings together the management of the eastern Morbihan hospital, which will manage the sector of the Brocéliande Territory Hospital Group (Vannes, Ploërmel, Le Palais, Nivillac, Josselin, etc.), with the latest transfer of this mission, which by Vannes.

And the future Departmental Property Tax Service which will centralize all cadastral and cadastral missions for Morbihan.

Remember that these two services are not intended to accommodate the public, so private and professional users in the Ploërmel region will have no other alternative to abolishing the current services than making an appointment at the Espaces France Service or a trip to Pontivy or Vannes.

Agents, but also users and elected officials, will therefore bear the full brunt of these dismantling.

The inter-union denounces the loss of competence that all the departments of the department will suffer, few agents will follow their mission, causing a deterioration in the working conditions of the agents.

Still, the Department of Public Finance hopes that the services will continue to run as if nothing had happened, once again relying on the professional conscience of the agents, but pulling too hard.

These reorganizations, under the guise of a so-called better service to the public, are just concentrations of services to respond once again to the government’s dictate of job cuts, or another 15 to 20 for Morbihan in 2022 (23 in 2021) .

The Management of Morbihan in addition to removing the reception of public finance by closing all the treasury coffers, drastically reduces the opening to the public: 4 mornings a week for the few remaining centers! And for the France Services spaces there will not be a permanent DGFIP presence but only a one-off presence by appointment. In fact, it will be the employees of the communities who will bear most of the reception transferred by the users. They are far from the good promises of the 2020 DGFIP.

Transitional solutions such as France Service spaces provide only a summary information point and are part of a disengagement of the state that leaves the burden to local authorities.

Public finances, for the moment, have fiscal hotlines, half a day a week or every two weeks…. How can we imagine maintaining such a commitment across the department with fewer and fewer staff each year?

The Morbihan interunion of public finances calls for an end to job cuts, the closure of the coffers, the withdrawal of the PNR and the repeal of the Dussopt law which destroys the status of the Public Service. “

Here is the timetable for the reform of public finances in Morbihan, according to the intersyndicale:

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