Presidential: pension reform, allowance for disabled adults … what to remember from the interview with Emmanuel Macron

Reform of pensions, deconjugation of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), wearing the headscarf, protection of women victims of violence … Nine days before the second round of the presidential elections, the presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron was a guest on the morning program of Franceinfo to answer guests’ questions on social issues and clarify some points of its program.

The goal for the head of state? Convince and mobilize the sensitivity of the left while Marine Le Pen and the National Rally have never been so close to accessing the Elysée. “You have to accept to choose something that is perhaps not totally what you think but that comes closest”, said Emmanuel Macron in particular, analyzing the differences between his project and that of his rival in the electoral campaign.

Pensions replenish the “elements of fatigue”

Emmanuel Macron refers to the pension reform. After announcing that he was considering a statutory retirement age of 65, then 64, the outgoing president is now considering a referendum and ensures that his approach is not “dogmatic”. This morning, on Franceinfo, he assures us that he there will always be a clear advantage for long careers “, and indicates that” elements on fatigue, the most difficult tasks, which will allow for bonuses and to leave earlier “will be reintegrated.

In order for pensioners to cope with the increase in the cost of living, amplified by the war in Ukraine, the Head of State announces that he wants to index pensions to inflation. “Starting this summer, I want us to be able to increase pensions by 4% for all retirees,” he said. In the event of re-election, Emmanuel Macron also wants the minimum old-age pension (currently 980 euros) to be “Raised to 1,100 euros, even for current retirees”. This increase will come from “the pension reform “, ensures.

Emmanuel Macron finally stated that the cancellation age of the discount (from which the French can benefit from a full rate pension even without having contributed in full) will not change. He will therefore remain at the age of 67.

Tavares’ salary deemed “shocking and excessive”

Controversial is the emolument of Carlos Tavares, CEO of the Stellantis group, a former PSA group, who will receive a salary of 19 million euros, of which 2 million is a fixed salary and almost 47 million more if he achieves his goals. Emmanuel Macron considered this salary “shocking” and “excessive”. The presidential candidate believes that “we must lead the struggle as Europeans in order to have a remuneration that cannot be abusive (…) otherwise the company will explode”. The salary of Carlos Tavares, of almost 66 million therefore, is a record compensation for a French boss. This is about 10 to 15 times the average total compensation of a CAC 40 president.

Couple tax and allowance for disabled adults (AAH)

Asked about his desire to make joint tax returns for couples who are neither PACS nor married and about possible abuse, Emmanuel Macron argues in favor of a more flexible system. “I believe in the society of trust and I don’t believe in the multiplication of abuses. The idea is to have a more flexible system. It fits our way of life, “he said.” It’s a modification of our system, I think it’s entirely possible, “he further defended, announcing that there would be” declarations on honor. “And to add:” L The idea behind all this is to have a more flexible system that allows us to support the lives of our compatriots in a more adequate way “.

Then asked about the deconjugation of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), Emmanuel Macron assures us “that we must move on this point”, which was not currently in his program. “Today what is true is that whatever your situation is, we look at your family situation and then we look at the couple’s ability to contribute. It creates an aberrant situation for people with disabilities, so we will move it ”, certifies the presidential candidate. He therefore proposes, either to deconjugate the AAH, “or to have another entrance that allows you to accompany without this ax” that weighs on people with disabilities.

“The veil is not an obsession”

When asked about his relationship with the veil, Emmanuel Macron indicates that “it is not an obsession” for him and his government. He underlines in passing “that there are neighborhoods where girls do not want to have the veil, all these situations exist”, but assures: “In these five years I have tried to ensure that our compatriots whose religion is Islam to live it in the as peaceful as possible. “

If the veil is according to him a “symptom” of a tension in the country, he says he does not bring with him the ambition to change the rules, both for the guides on school trips and in terms of the veil at the university. .

Filing men guilty of domestic violence

On the care of women victims of domestic violence, Emmanuel Macron proposes to “file” the men who have been subjected to “complaint complaint” or handrail so that we “he might know he already has a story and get an additional notice.” She also ensures that the police are now better trained than before to collect complaints and support women victims of violence. “Now we have trained the police and gendarmes. Everyone who leaves school is trained, ”she says. There is also a record of sexual offenses, which should take the form of an “administrative document”, such as S files, according to the candidate.

Public service and education

Emmanuel Macron indicates that the minimum civil service index, for category C, will be increased by 34 euros per month on 1 May. The candidate then promises a reform in the summer and aims to set a “reassessment of the point” without giving more details. During the summer “we want to carry out a complete reform of the public service organization and there will be a reassessment of the point, so that it allows us to support the elements of purchasing power,” he said.

The outgoing president finally reiterated his willingness to implement an allowance for high school students on their professional path during their compulsory internships in companies. A long requested measure for these students often from disadvantaged backgrounds.

French children in Syria

When asked about the orphans born to French parents still present in Syria, Emmanuel Macron assures them that they will be repatriated, however, it does not provide more details on the deadlines for their returns. “These operations will take place”, says the President of the Republic.

Debt repayment and Prime Minister

On the economic side, Emmanuel Macron says he will start “repaying the debt” from 2026. For this reason it wants to invest, “relaunching the ecological transition to create jobs”, “lowering taxes” and “lowering the deficit”.

Asked in conclusion about the possibility of appointing a left-wing Prime Minister to lead a future government, he promises to associate “all the talents” who would like to join him in a possible second term. In particular, he praised the “remarkable work” of his Budget Minister Olivier Dussopt, who “did not vote on the first budgets in 2017”.

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