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Public services: reorganization of the Gard DDFiP to better respond to public expectations

Updated 01/14/2022

Public services: reorganization of the Gard DDFiP to better respond to public expectations

Reorganization of public finance services in the Gard

Starting from January 1, 2022, the Departmental Directorate of Public Finance (DDFiP) continues, for the benefit of its various partners and private and professional users, the modernization of its network to make its action more coherent and effective.

C.after you gait intervenes in a context of strong development ofthe tools digitalS.from simplification of procedures e modernization of procedures : Withholding Tax income taxdematerialization of exchanges and means of payment, diversification of contact channels, etc.

C.This evolution is also needed in takes into account the needs of proximity that they require, in the forms adapteda presence to mature Services of the DDFiP throughout the department’s territory, closer to user expectations, individuals and professionals,And community.The reorganization implementation from 2021 it will thus increase strongly the name of common served from a public finance service or office who will depart from 20 out of 2020 at 35 in 2023 upon reaching the target organization (see attached map).

P.for local authorities, the changes undertaken in 2021 concern the implementation of accounting management services (SGC) by bringing together the regulatory missions of treasuries (accounting, payment of expenses and collection of revenues) in larger structures and deployment at the service of communities of a network of consultants to local decision makers (CDL), DGFiP executives entrusted exclusively with advisory and expert missions on high-risk issues that go beyond day-to-day management, for example in terms of taxation, investments or financial and budget balance.

TO count from 1is January 2022, two new SGCs were created, in Saint-Privat-des-Vieux (grouping of the municipal treasures of Alès and Saint-Ambroix) and Bagnols-sur-Cèze (grouping of Bagnols-sur-Cèze and Pont-Holy Spirit). The GSCs already created in 2021 (in Nîmes, Uzès and Vauvert) will see their skills increased thanks to the transfer of the management of local authorities from the treasuries of Saint-Chaptes and Sommières. Each of the local authorities covered by these new SGCs will simultaneously benefit from the skills of the CDL, competent for the territory of the community of municipalities or agglomeration to which they belong.

The greater professionalization within the larger departments is also reflected in the creation, in Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, of a second hospital cash departmental. At the end of its full deployment (early 2023), this new fund will make it possible to group together, in addition to the area covered by the Nîmes-CHU fund, the accounting management of all public hospitals and medical-social institutions in the Department.

P.for the taxpayers individuals, the reorganization of the network aims at expanding and improving the methods of physical or remote reception of users: more physical reception places thanks to the spread of France Services spaces and the payment service offered by authorized tobacconists; development of reception by appointment in all departments; improved telephone service.

This fundamental goal of simplifying procedures for users translates in 2022 into:

– the maintenance of a physical reception, open at least 4 days a week, in all Public Finance Centers (SGC, treasury, tax services and their branches) for the fulfillment of ongoing requests (tax support, payment by credit card , request for payment terms) giving priority to the prior scheduling of the appointment;

– the continuous deployment of local reception services in France Services or in the municipalities, in addition to public finance centers, in the form of hotlines operating today in 18 municipalities of the department (see thelist at the bottom of the page 1
) and that provide the same level of service for current requests;

– the strengthening of remote reception via telephone or secure messaging (from your private space on For any questions about the tax authorities, for example on withholding tax, the DGFiP is reachable from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 19:00. 0 809 401 401 (free service, cost of a local call);

– the possibility to pay taxes, fines, utilities up to 300 euros in cash at the tobacconist’s. Payment by credit card is also possible at tobacconists with no limits on the amount, except for the payment of taxes, for which payment by credit card is also limited to 300 euros. The website “” allows you to do this find the list of reception points for payment on the spot, including 141 licensed tobacconists in the Gard department :

From 1 January 2022, however, cash payments are no longer accepted at the counters of the Public Finance Centers, where only payments by credit card, online payment, direct debit on expiry, or with a monthly payment agreement are accepted. duties (e.g. for property tax).

Finally, please note that the site ” »Provides all useful information to users, in particular on remote contacts via the secure messaging integrated into your personal space.

From this same space it is possible to withdraw a appointment physical or phone with a public finance officer.

People with hearing loss can access the same level of information via the ACCEO platform.

P.for the taxpayers professionals, At the beginning of 2022 the action of the DDFiP is focused on supporting companies in the context of the health crisis. Corporate tax services (SIE) remain the first line interlocutors for all companies experiencing difficulties in calculating or paying the tax. the cdepartmental consultant for the exit from the crisislocated within the DDFiP (contact at, it also carries out an orientation and coordination mission, in particular in liaison with all the competent administrations, the Ussaf and the Banque de France, offering a wide range of measures tailored to the needs of companies affected by the crisis.

All useful information for businesses is available on the website ( or by telephone on 0 806 000 245.

The most recent measures adopted by the Government in the context of the 5th wave of the epidemic for the benefit of the most affected sectors are accessible on the same site at -support -aziende / measures-di – health-crisis-support-companies-affected-by-the-recovery-of-epidemics

1 Aigues-Mortes, Anduze, Aramon, Bessèges, Calvisson, Générac, Lasalle, Marguerittes, Nîmes (PIMMS), Pont-Saint-Esprit, Remoulins, Roquemaure, Saint-Ambroix, Saint-Genies-de-Malgoirès, Saint-Jean- du-Gard, Sommières, Vergèze, Villeneuve-les-Avignon. Establishment of a planned stay in the municipality of Saint-Chaptes in the 1st quarter of 2022.

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