RealT presents RMM, a platform for borrowing in DeFi through the real estate sector

RealT presents RMM, its lending and lending platform

The RealT platformknown for bringing real estate investing to the blockchain universe, he unveils this Thursday its RMM protocolwhich allows you to borrow liquidity thanks to its real estate property.

Recall that RealT was created in 2019 by Rémy and Jean-Marc Jacobson, thanks to an American law that recognizes the sale of company shares in the form of tokens. Hence, a buyer of Realtokens legally owns a share of the business who owns real estate.

RealT operates on the Ethereum (ETH) network and on the Gnosis Chain, also known as the xDai network.

The further synergy offered by RMM to RealT is this capability to bring its tokens in the form of a guaranteeto be able to borrow cryptocurrencies.

Aave (AAVE) users will not be out of place as they will work on the same system. In addition, the teams of the two projects have precisely worked together to bring existing technology to this new platform.

The RMM protocol will then be officially launched this Thursday at 9pm Paris timeand the RealT teams will be live on their YouTube channel from 6pm to introduce the platform.

The project also announced very clearly in a press release that one or more airdrops are planned for early users to interact with RMM.

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A protocol based on Aave’s technology

This launch corresponds to the Beta version of RMM, so more features and resources will arrive on the platform over time.

According to Jean-Marc Jacobson, the maximum guarantee rate at the beginning it should be around 50%that is, if we have $ 1,000 worth of tokens, we can borrow a maximum of $ 500.

Like the Aave protocol, RMM has a compensation system in the event that this guarantee value becomes too low compared to the loan disbursed. But the co-founder of the platform points out that the low volatility of real estate will be an advantage here to manage your position:

“It’s not like cryptocurrency markets, cryptocurrency lending platforms, where it’s done to the nearest second and suddenly there’s a craze. Let’s not forget that the underlying remains real estate, the movement is slower, so people will have the ability to adapt more easily to market movements. “

The RMM revolution is that it brings possibility use physical resources as leverage in decentralized finance (DeFi). We are therefore at the beginning of something completely new. If there is still a long way to go before a total symbiosis between the real world and the blockchain universe, RealT is certainly participating in the construction of this future.

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