Retirement at 62, end of wind turbines, national preference … The Marine Le Pen program

Establish a basket of basic necessities without VAT, dismantle the wind farm, keep the pension at 62 … Let’s summarize the highlights of the program of Marine Le Pen, finalist of the second round of the presidential elections

While Marine Le Pen has just qualified for the second presidential election, reviews the main points of her program. Buying power, education, pensions, environment… Here is what the candidate of the National Gathering offers in case of victory on April 24th.

• Buying power

Exempt from employer contributions any salary increase of 10%

The RN representative focused her entire campaign on purchasing power while wishing not to raise the minimum wage. Rather, she relies on the incentive by allowing companies to increase their employees by 10% while exempting this increase in employer contributions.

This measure would cover all wages up to three times the minimum wage.

Launch a basket of basic necessities without VAT

Marine Le Pen proposes to define a list of 100 basic necessities such as pasta, rice or baby diapers to which 0% VAT would apply.

This proposal was defended by the Yellow Vests in 2019 before appearing on Marine Le Pen’s program.

• Withdrawals

Maintain the initial retirement age at 62 while allowing workers who started their careers to retire at 60

Marine Le Pen defends retirement at 62 as is currently the case. However, you want to allow the French to return to the labor market before the age of 20 to retire at 60 if they have paid at least 40 pensions.

Increase the minimum retirement age to 1000 euros

The RN candidate wants to raise the minimum retirement age to € 1000 per month while it is currently € 906.81 per month. The Pas-de-Calais parliamentarian also asked for small pensions to be increased and pensions to be re-indexed to inflation “as quickly as possible”. They are currently re-indexed in January.

• Education

Increase teacher salaries by 3% per year

Marine Le Pen wants to increase teacher salaries by 3% per year. It also requires that all prospective teachers received at Capes be trained directly by other teachers in colleges and high schools.

Limit the number of students to 20 per class in primary and increase the number of hours

The candidate wants to increase the number of teaching hours in primary school by limiting the number of students to 20 per class. He also wishes to generalize the duplication of classes in the large section of the kindergarten and the PC. He would also like to limit the number of students per class to 30 in middle and high schools.

• Early childhood and youth

Create a monthly training voucher from 200 to 300 euros for apprentices, work-study trainees and their employers

Marine Le Pen proposes to “re-evaluate the professional path” allowing to enter an apprenticeship from the 5th year with the lowering of the minimum age to enter the apprenticeship to 14 years. As an incentive, you propose to pay between 200 and 300 euros per month to apprentices, work-study students and companies that hire them.

Make train travel free at off-peak times for young people

Marine Le Pen wants to facilitate the mobility of young people by allowing them to take the train for free during off-peak hours on intercity trains, but also on TGVs.

• Health

Remove regional health agencies

Reported during the Covid-19 crisis for their bureaucracy, Marine Le Pen wants to put an end to regional health agencies. You also expect a 10% reduction in administrative jobs in hospitals.

Create geriatric emergencies

Faced with the “failure of nursing homes”, the RN candidate wants to create emergencies dedicated to the elderly. He also wants to link this device to the fight against medical deserts and to increase the number of nursing homes.

• Immigration

End of family reunification

Marine Le Pen wants to stop any possibility of family reunification and also wants to process asylum applications abroad from the network of French embassies.

Establish national preference for any job

The RN candidate wants to field the national preference for any request for social housing and for any job, both private and public. He also wants to remove any residence permits for a foreign person who has not worked in France for a year.

• Security / Justice

Create the presumption of self-defense for law enforcement

Marine Le Pen wants to allow gendarmes and police officers to benefit from the presumption of self-defense within their mandate.

Increase the security and police budget by 1.5 billion euros per year

It also wants to create 7,000 police and gendarmerie posts and 3,000 posts for administrative staff.

• Environment

Invest in nuclear power

Marine Le Pen calls for massive investments in nuclear power and the urgent deployment of the hydrogen sector.

Disassembly of wind turbines

Marine Le Pen wants to stop any wind farm projects and is also calling for the dismantling of existing parks.

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