Retirement at 65 and the European carbon tax: Emmanuel Macron’s program

President and candidate Emmanuel Macron during his only election meeting in Nanterre, April 2, 2022 – Thomas Coex / AFP

While Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic and candidate for his Elysee succession, is one of the two finalists this Sunday evening in this first round of the presidential elections, returns to the main points of its program. Education, health, old age, economy or the environment, this is what the LREM candidate proposes for his second term and for the next five years.

purchasing power

Up to € 6,000 “purchasing power bonus”

LaREM candidate promises triple the first “Macron”, without charges or taxes. Emmanuel Macron also wants to impose a profit sharing scheme (participation or profit sharing bonus) on companies that pay dividends.

Emmanuel Macron also promises to set up a universal time saver account to monetize his RTT and days off or set them aside. Finally, he announces the continuation of the “modernization of the labor code started with the ordinances of 2017” without however specifying the schemes.

Counterparties for the RSA, a more flexible unemployment insurance

In his program, the candidate proposes to condition the RSA to an activity that allows its insertion, that is, about twenty hours a week for some recipients.

It also aims to transform Pôle emploi into “France travail” to “pool the skills of Pôle emploi, the regions, the local missions”. In this regard, it provides that unemployment insurance is “stricter when there are too many unoccupied jobs” and “more generous when unemployment is high”.

A reduction in the inheritance tax, the end of the television license

Regarding inheritance rights, Emmanuel Macron wants inheritances of up to € 150,000 per child to be tax free. Transfers of assets of up to 100,000 to another family member, such as grandchildren or grandchildren, will also be included. Other commitment: the abolition of the audiovisual fee.

Still on the fiscal front, Emmanuel Macron allow cohabitants to declare their income together and pay taxes jointly, in the same way as if they were married or in a PACS.

Retirement and old age

Emmanuel Macron announces the “gradual” increase in the statutory retirement age to 65 and the abolition of the main special schemes (in particular EDF and RATP) for new entrants.

For retirees, Emmanuel Macron announces the increase of the minimum pension at full rate to 1100 euros per month. It is also proposed to be able to combine old-age pension and work. It thus evokes a paid support service for older workers, for example for help with homework or support for setting up a project.


More French and math

Emmanuel Macron announces that he wants to increase the hours of French and mathematics in primary and secondary grades. He also announces the generalization of the teaching of computer code and digital uses from the 5th.

The president-candidate also offers thirty minutes of sports a day in primary school from the next start of the school year in September – today, in the programs, it is three hours per week – and two additional hours per week in college.

In high school, the LaREM candidate also wants to put math back into the common core. With Jean-Michel Blanquer’s baccalaureate reform, mathematics was taught as a specialty.

The discovery of different professions from the 5th

As for orientation, Emmanuel Macron says he wants to make known, “first in order to choose better later”, the professions, including technical and manual ones. He explains that “all children will discover, from the 5th to the 3rd, different professions”.

New paid missions for teachers

Another notice on the subject of schools: the guarantee of the replacement of absent teachers. On the part of the educational staff, Emmanuel Macron proposes a “pact” to teachers with, for those who accept it, new missions – such as the replacement of absent teachers – and an increase in salary “as a result”.

For the institutes, it announces “more freedom” in their internal organization, in particular for the recruitment of part of the teaching staff. Proposals that do not pass to the teachers.

Early childhood and youth

In his program, Emmanuel Macron promises the guarantee of an “accessible” childcare solution for any parent of a child under the age of three.

Emmanuel Macron also announces the deployment of the universal national service, which was a promise of his previous campaign in 2017, with the financing of driving licenses “for those who are fully committed to it”. Reservists would also see their studies funded up to 2500 euros per year for 5 years.


A complete and free health check-up in several stages of life

In his program, Emmanuel Macron evokes an “early” diagnosis of certain disorders, such as hyperactivity, dyslexia or obesity. He also offers a complete and free health check-up at 25, 45 and 60 years old.

Recruitment in hospitals and nursing homes

At the hospital, LaREM candidate announces a plan to recruit nurses and nursing assistants. He also aspires to better coordination between city medicine and hospital, with for example doctors practicing in the city but salaried in the hospital, more doctors on duty in the emergency room and a single number to schedule a medical visit in the 48th time.

In Ehpad, the LaREM candidate announces the hiring of an additional 50,000 nurses and caregivers by 2027. For seniors who want to stay at home, it defines a “Prime Adapt ‘” by covering, depending on resources, 70% of the costs of adaptation work.

The relocation of drug production

In terms of innovation, it announces the relocation of drug production to France and the development of 20 biomedicine and biotechnologies.

A debate on the end of life

On euthanasia, even if the term is never written, Emmanuel Macron wants “a more human end of life” with the launch of a citizen conference that brings together citizens, ethics specialists and professionals. On one trip, he said he was in favor of “evolving towards the Belgian model,” reported Europa 1.


A “redesign of the asylum”

Emmanuel Macron aims to create a border force and pursue “the revision of the organization” of asylum and of the right of residence. Goal: “to decide much more quickly who is eligible and expel those who are not more efficiently”, specifies his schedule.

The expulsion of foreigners who “disturb public order”

The LREM candidate proposes to grant long-stay permits only to those who pass a French exam and are professionally integrated. He also wants the expulsion of foreigners who “disturb public order”.

Security and justice

Police recruitment

Emmanuel Macron announces the doubling of the presence of the police on public roads and the deployment of 200 new brigades in rural areas. He also provides for the doubling of the presence of the police in transport at critical moments and the tripling of the penalty for road harassment.

On cybercrime, LaREM candidate promises to set up an anti-fraud filter that will alert Internet users in real time, recruit 1,500 cybercriminals and set up a phone number.

More magistrates

As for justice, promises to recruit 8,500 magistrates and additional staff within five years. It also provides for the possibility of filing a report online for some crimes, a fixed fine for some crimes and the deprivation of civil rights for those who attack the police.

Supervision of some minor offenders by soldiers

For minors, Emmanuel Macron wants military supervision to be possible.


Investing in nuclear and renewables

His re-election candidate announces the construction of six next-generation nuclear power plants, the tenfold increase in solar energy and the installation of 50 offshore wind farms by 2050.

An affordable offer of electric cars

The LaREM representative also announces a carbon tax on Europe’s borders, the renovation of 700,000 homes per year and an affordable supply of 100% French electric cars.

Environmental labeling

Still on the theme of ecology, Emmanuel Macron aims to clean up old landfills and plant 140 million trees by the end of the decade. As for the labeling, he wants clear information on the environmental impact of everyday products, cosmetics or clothing.

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