retirement, immigration, education … The summary

Éric Zemmour's program for 2022: retirement, immigration, education ... The summary

ZEMMOUR PROGRAM. Éric Zemmour has made immigration the main topic of his five-year mandate for 2022. Let’s tour his program for you, detailing the other measures, particularly in terms of retirement and education.

Éric Zemmour is, for the first time, a candidate in the presidential elections. Even though the fight against immigration is at the heart of his project for 2022, the candidate Reconquête! he had to come up with other ideas on topics that interest the French, such as pensions or education. We present the main axes of his presidential program with a summary. The full speech is also available in PDF.

In the field of‘immigration which he constantly evokes, the polemicist says he wants to put an end to jus soli and stop or limit all flows, whether justified by family reunification or by the right of asylum. An important point of his policy is the “return of undesirable foreigners”, illegal immigrants and delinquents or criminals. He wants to “return to the original spirit of the right to asylum” by limiting it to one hundred people every year and requiring asylum applications to be presented outside the national territory. It also intends to select foreign students on the basis of merit, welcoming only the most promising profiles in the sectors useful to France, but also to introduce a mandatory deposit of 10,000 euros for obtaining a visa for foreigners from countries where most of the students come from. illegal immigrants in order to limit entry and finance any deportations to the border.

The Reconquista candidate! would like to re-evaluate the baby up to 600 euros a year withdrawals less than 1,300 euros net, completely exempting them from the CSG and the contribution for the repayment of the social debt. It also wants to boost widows ‘and widowers’ pensions by increasing the survivor’s pension from 54% to 75% of that of the deceased spouse. Eric Zemmour wants to raise the statutory retirement age to 64 and establish a senior index to encourage companies to keep seniors at work. Finally, for people in combined work and retirees who have already validated all the contribution quarters, the pension contributions will be eliminated.

The far-right candidate intends to create “a great Ministry of Education” whose mission will be to “rebuild the school“. A priority, according to him, because” for forty years we have used the school to indoctrinate children. ” level classes ”in college and, to focus teaching on the fundamentals of“ reading, writing, counting ”, the candidate also announces that he would ignore foreign languages ​​in primary school if elected.

  • Mocked for his weaknesseseconomy, the former journalist says he is in favor of introducing 39 hours in public service or even a massive reduction in production taxes. He also supports the creation of a large Ministry of Industry to direct public orders to French companies and considers the reindustrialisation of the country a priority.
  • On the question of wages, Éric Zemmour proposes a reduction of the CSG from 9% to 2.5% for wages between the minimum wage and 2,000 euros net and is opposed to a return of the ISF. For the purchasing powerthe candidate wants to return “to the universality of family allowances” and to the “exemption of overtime from taxes and social security contributions”.
  • For’environment and energy transition, Éric Zemmour wants to ban new wind projects and freeze existing ones, thus redirecting efforts and public support towards thermal renewable energies. To limit the artificialization and pollution of the soil, he intends to “prohibit the construction of new large surfaces and commercial areas”.
  • Among the other proposals hammered by the candidate is the return to 90km / h. On Covid he says he is against the pass for the vaccine that he wants to repeal. The nationalist candidate spoke briefly about European politics and calls for the national sovereignty on European law.

If you wish to have more details and see all the measures proposed by candidate Éric Zemmour, it is online, on his campaign website. Find her schedule here.

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