Soul: identity in the DeFi of decentralization

identity path – Identity verification is a central issue for anyone with cryptocurrencies. Indeed many platforms and exchanges impose restrictive and time-consuming procedures such as KYC (know your client). An easy, practical and reliable identification process accepted by all players of the ecosystem, this is the promise of Synaps.

Anima, a decentralized identity created by Synaps

Today the team goes on the air Anima, your decentralized digital double. The culmination of several months of work focused on simplifying identification with blockchain protocols.

Tweet from Synaps announcing Anima, decentralized digital identity on blockchain on April 12.
Tweet from Synaps announcing the launch of Anima today, April 12, 2022 – source: Twitter.

Originally, Synaps offered Web3 companies solutions for KYC and KYB made to measure that meet the compliance requirements imposed by current regulations. In order to give users back control over their personal data, Synaps announced today the launch in Alpha version of Animaits autonomous identity protocol that allows users to manage their identity in a decentralized way.

Anima, your digital double, it is accessible from your wallet. It can then follow you as your shadow on blockchain networks. Your identity is therefore only held by you as it can only be decrypted with your wallet’s private key. Certified, you can share it at any time to validate your KYCs in just a few clicks. A significant time saver as this service allows you to avoid the long identity verification steps and log in faster your cryptocurrency investment services.

Anima logo: an encrypted identity, your double digital for the blockchain and defi protocols
Anima, your digital double on the blockchain

Anima therefore allows for a decentralized identity in accordance with the requirements of a KYC. Verified once and for all, your duplicate is linked to your MetaMask wallet (and soon Ledger). Everything is stored in theAleph infrastructure, popular decentralized and open source cloud technology at the crossroads of the blockchain. You will then be able to choose the information you want to share about your identity. You will be in control of its distribution.

You can create your Soul online on the web application. To do this, all you need is a MetaMask wallet. You will then have to go through a final identity check included verification of your documents and a liveliness.

Anima's KYC takes place in two phases: Liveability and verification of identity documents.  mandatory steps to create your Soul on the blockchain
Perform the KYC of Anima in 2 steps: liveliness and verification of identity documents.

Once submitted, your Anima creation request will be reviewed and validated within a maximum of 24 hours. You will receive your Soul, following this validation and you can use it to validate your KYC in a few clicks and without waiting.

Screenshot: The MeMask wallet is linked to your Anima identity on the blockchain.
Link your Anima identity to your MetaMask wallet.

Therefore, your wallet MetaMask will be linked to your Anima cryptographic identity . Your double digital thus becomes direct access to all partners of the Synaps network.

Soul, giving life to DeFi

Synaps already has many partners. Plethora of new projects based on Ethereum such as Solana, Tezos, Terra, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Polkadot, Near and many more. More than 250 projects and 15 launchpads in 2021! It is thus possible to create your Anima on the decentralized application (accessible via the Anima website) or directly on the partner platforms when switching to KYC.

Some of the partners of Anima: Moonbeam, Polygon, Just Mining, Elrond.

Once validated, using your Soul becomes child’s play. Facilitates access to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.A real-time saver, the KYC is instantand without violating the principles of anonymity that prevail over the decentralized exchangesopens the door to decentralized finance.

The possibilities of developing new DeFi uses are therefore dizzying. For example, centralized platforms and organizations are no longer in charge of checking your identity. Anima, your digital double, takes care of it. Likewise, within the DAO (Autonomous Decentralized Organization), the application allows you to preserve the confidentiality of your identity by preserving your rights.

Your double digital Anima therefore meets the KYC requirements, generating significant time savings. Practical, reliable, Synaps now delivers on its promises and is now focusing on developing its Alpha version and user feedback. Its short-term goal? To integrate new wallets, and develop more and more collaborations. In a word, harness the momentum so that as many users as possible create their Soul today. Why not you?

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