Tax returns in Aveyron: the campaign is open, simplification is gaining ground

The tax return campaign has started 47 days ago. With the deduction at source, the people of Aveyron prefer the Internet, especially as the process gets easier every year … Here’s what you need to know.

More and more Aveyronnais are declaring their income online. Of the 164,000 tax families identified in the department, 133,000 complete their procedures online. A figure that grows from year to year, certainly linked to the now collective obligation to archive online, but which testifies to the controlled adoption of a protocol that tends to become increasingly simple.

“Passed in good manners”

Withholding tax is no stranger to this, it has allowed the tax services to follow the situation of taxpayers in real time, who can intervene at any time in their personal space on the site to make changes. . Thus the modulations upwards (1.3 million families in France in 2021) or downwards (1 million) when it is not family situations (birth of a child, marriage, change of residence) that affected 667,000 families last year French. “It is clear that the system has entered the habit, Aveyron users have appropriated it and are no longer waiting for their tax return to provide all the necessary information”confirms Pascale Ampe, Departmental Director of Public Finance.

What if we don’t have the internet?

Eventually, the declaration evolves on the water (by clicking on “manage my withholding tax”), so that at the time of filing almost everything is already done: 42,000 tax houses in the Aveyron only have to check their pre-declaration compiled by the tax administration.

The fact remains that if electronic archiving makes your life easier, you need to have the necessary tools and know how to use them. Thus in Aveyron still 30,850 declarations are made by filling in the “sheet of paper”, or 12% of taxpayers. “These people have been identified and will receive their paper declaration in the next few days, they don’t have to worry”reassure Pascale Ampe and Jean-Luc Canouet, head of the tax management department of the DDFiP de l’Aveyron.

What if we have questions to ask?

However, whether you submit online or not, the tax jungle still imposes its sum of comprehension problems, tax credits, early reductions, exemptions, etc. A real “fair answer” that the administration does not ignore. Sure, there is a “question to ask” box in every taxpayer’s personal space on the Internet. The answer will come back “Between 48 hours and five days”, assures Jean-Luc Canouet. If you prefer to express yourself through a telephone switchboard, a national number is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 19:00: 0809 401 401 (price of one call only). And emails from personal tax services are also accessible. “However, they are not sure at the sender level. The precise coordinates of the taxpayer must then be indicatedPascale Ampe warns. But it is important that people use their particular space on the website. The exchanges are thus protected against cyber attacks..

Improve local reception

Don’t lie, many taxpayers want to have the tax agent in front of them to talk to, cards in hand. The public finance department of Aveyron is aware of this and delegates to about forty of its employees the task of supporting taxpayers in their procedures, through a physical meeting or a stay. “Improving the quality of reception remains a priority for us”, Pascale Ampe insists. It is indeed necessary to compensate for the lack of closeness linked to the disappearance of many treasures in the Aveyron. Disappearances that cannot constrain the fair collection of taxes in the Aveyron.

On the calendar

The tax return campaign has been open since 7 April. The deadline for subscription is set in Aveyron at midnight on May 24 for online declarations and for paper declarations (received up to April 25 in mailboxes) the deadline for submission is set at midnight in May, the date of the postmark.

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