the aid promised to fishermen and road hauliers is long overdue

Failure to pay some of the government promised aid puts companies in a critical financial position. The federations sound the alarm.

All the aid for the purchase of fuel promised by the government in March, when diesel prices skyrocketed in the background of the war in Ukraine, has not yet been followed up, the main French fishermen federations regret in a press release. Union of French fishing shipowners (UAPF) and the National Association of Producers’ Organizations (ANOP). On March 16, Prime Minister Jean Castex said that fishermen would be granted a discount of 35 cents per liter of diesel purchased. This measure must be part of the resilience plan promised by Emmanuel Macron to cope with the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine.

In fact, fishermen can already take advantage of the discount at the pump of 15 cents per liter granted to all from 1is April and until July 31st. In order to reach the total of 35 cents promised by Jean Castex, an additional aid of 20 cents per liter needs to be granted specifically to fishermen, whose trawlers are major consumers of fuel. It is this specific help that is still awaited today. “French fisheries currently have no information on how to implement them“, Anticipates the UAPF and the ANOP in a press release.

Fishing companies “in red”

We have taken the full brunt of rising fuel pricesin March, explains Xavier Leduc, president of the UAPF, who is confident that some fishing boats had to stop on the quay for several days in that period. The discount at the pump of 15 cents per liter occurred on 1is April allowed to give the temporary change to the fishermen in “replenish the treasure“, He specifies, also indicating that he fears the end of this exceptional aid, which must take place on July 31st. “There are companies that are in the red. It can handle the situation for a month, but it can’t last longer. If no other measure is adopted, it is the certain death of French fishinge ”, anticipates the president of the UAPF.

The main means of selling fresh fish is the fish auction, which consists of an auction of batches of fish. The fishing companies therefore have no control over selling prices. It is therefore impossible for them to systematically pass on the increase in the price of fuel, which weighs on their profitability. The federations also regret that trawlers that refuel abroad due to their fishing sector are excluded from the pump aid scheme. Representatives of the federations argue that 30% of fishermen’s fuel purchases are therefore excluded from the pump discount system.

Road carriers are also waiting

On the part of road hauliers, we deplore the technical obstacles to the payment of aid for the purchase of fuel promised by the government. The resilience plan provides for a flat-rate aid for vehicles for a total of € 400 million that will be distributed to businesses. To receive this help, carriers must register on an online platform of the Services and Payment Agency (ASP), the state body responsible for implementing public policies. However, the National Federation of Road Carriers (FNTP) reports that many carriers are facing technical difficulties on the platform which are delaying the payment of aid. “Many companies are unable to register and there is impatience in the field“Details a spokesperson for the FNTP. “It will need to be resolved quickly as it is urgent“, She says too.

The Delegate of the Ministry of Transport stated on Friday evening that the difficulties encountered by some companies in submitting the application are “in relation to the very large number of connections” And “have been corrected“. “The first installments are expected to arrive next week“, Also indicated the Ministry of Transport.

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