The Wealth Mindset: Think Like a Winner

In today’s world of day trading, mega-corporations, and high-powered investment firms, it’s easy to get discouraged when looking at your retirement plans. You can get lost in the notion of being a minnow in a very large ocean of investment options. It is at this precise point that it becomes crucial for you to adjust your paradigm, or way of thinking, to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Think of this mental overhaul as a way to set your sails in the face of today’s financial storms.

To begin with, in order to be truly successful, or in other words, to emulate the behaviors of truly successful people, there are a few key principles that you need to understand and apply to your daily practices.

The first and most important of these principles is that your life is and will be EXACTLY what you make of it. Sounds overly simplified, I know, but hear me out. The world works down to the smallest atom on certain immutable natural laws. What goes up must come down, moving objects tend to stay in motion, etc. But the most profound of these laws is that of cause and effect, a principle that simply states that a process must start in order to be carried through to completion. A similar concept that stems from cause and effect, and the core of what we’re talking about here, is called the law of attraction, or manifestation, or whatever name it has been given. It is simply the force that carries an idea from its initial intention to its final result. What this means to you and me is that any intention or attitude that we put into existence has all the potential to manifest, as a message sent to the universal order that will, in fact, be answered in one way or another. So, getting back to the simple thing, what we think about is what we will become, simply because we started its creation by thinking about it.

Given this reality, it becomes essential to discipline our ways of thinking towards the positive and productive. The mind is like a muscle, and flexing it can be difficult at first, but with some time and exercise, positive thinking can become second nature. Meditation, or simply doing a daily goal-affirmation ritual, can be great starting points in this evolution. There are, of course, more advanced steps, however those are bridges you’ll want to cross when you get to them. My seven-step program, mentioned at the end of this article, covers those advanced techniques in detail. Now that we’ve established the need to affirm your personal action principles and goals, let’s take a look at some of the most important principles.

1. Abundance is a function of natural law:

Inherent in the laws of cause and effect of nature is the universal truth that abundance is always present in our world, and only needs to be claimed by those willing to initiate their own cause, within the limits of time-tested methods. time.

2. Net worth starts with self worth:

In any free market transaction, true value must be demonstrated to earn rewards. Therefore, one must create a superior value and directly associate that value with each action that one performs. Because all people will inevitably act for their own benefit first and foremost, you must respond in kind by raising your own value to a higher market value level.

3. With freedom comes responsibility:

Having personal freedom means, above all, that you are given the choice to act as master of your own destiny, or to be haphazardly treated by those who have their own interests at heart. However, to be truly prosperous, one must be willing to live by true principles. For some it is obvious, but one of them can be easily summed up in the golden rule. Positive goals can never be achieved with any lasting results through harm or deception. But the deeper implication of this pillar is that YOU DO have the ability to live abundantly when you choose.

4. Intention manifests as reality:

Various scholars and luminaries have referred to this principle with such names as “The Law of Attraction,” “The Principle of Overt Intention,” and even “The Power of Prayer.” It is simply the act of making your will known to the universe, and putting forth the necessary effort for that will to come true. Because this principle is so powerful and far-reaching, it becomes paramount to discipline one’s thoughts toward the positive.

5. You are your own best asset:

The fundamental difference between the mindset of a CONSUMER, once called a ‘fool’ by the famous American businessman PT Barnum, and that of a CREATOR is that a consumer believes that material possessions are the only source of value. Whereas, a creator sees human life as the only true source of value. Therefore, consumers mainly deplete the market, while creators mainly add to it.

6. Your life has a profound impact:

Reaching even beyond the infinite value of your own life, you can gain unlimited meaning simply by remembering those whose lives you deeply desire to change for the better. Your loved ones, children, friends and colleagues will benefit greatly from the positive actions YOU take. As Thomas Jefferson once wrote so eloquently, “All men [and women] they are created equal.” Realizing this wisdom, it becomes imperative to reach your duly gifted potential by creating value for yourself and others.

7. Money is given value by transactions:

Because the amount of money you win is always directly proportional to the value you bring to the table, your value is legitimated by the win. If there is not enough present value, no transaction can take place. This principle serves to protect and benefit both parties.

8. Success is the new normal

As Rupert Murdoch, one of America’s greatest tycoons, said: “The world is changing rapidly.” It is no longer normal for prosperity to remain the exclusive preserve of a select few from the elite of society. One only needs to watch the evening news to see energetic, fast-acting people taking leaps and bounds every day to level the playing field for American business.

9. The way of the pack is NOT always the right way:

Just because all the other dogs are barking at a certain tree doesn’t make that tree the right one. Enough talk?

10. Property equals freedom:

True freedom is only possible through independence. As long as one must depend on an outside source for survival, he or she is not truly free. As Alexander Hamilton said, “The power over a man’s subsistence is equal to the power of his will.”

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