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C.it’s not new: the public finance center located on rue Saint-Jacques in Bailleul will close in a few days. A decision taken in 2019 by the Haute-French Regional Directorate of Public Finance and the Department of the North (DGFIP) as part of a reorganization of the public finance network of the Department of the North. Also affected are Cassel, Merville and Steenvoorde. Only the Hazebrouck tax service remains on the territory.

Where to go for his procedures?

However, there are solutions to compensate for this closure. Pleases the Espace France services, open from 1 February within the CCAS. A service which, according to November data, benefited about 2,167 users, including “40% of people outside the territory of Bailleulois”, explains Antony Gautier, mayor of Bailleul. He indicates that among this 40% there are inhabitants of the metropolis of Lille.

In addition, two agents, whose salaries are supported by state aid of 30,000 euros per year, support users in their administrative procedures (,,, (Cicas), social service of (Carsat), (MSA) and on, in on-site or online (computer equipment available), Monday from 13:30 to 17:00 and from Tuesday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00, without appointment.

Without forgetting the tax service, a public service for which Antony Gautier continues to mobilize. Because the mayor of Bailleul, who met with the public finance directorate at the beginning of November, expressed his opinion “I always want to have a contact person for taxes”, He explains. AND ? “Management confirmed to me that one person would be present for half a day, or even one day at key times. (at the France services space, ed.) ”, he announces.

In addition, tobacconists also offer a payment service on the spot, but up to a maximum of 300 euros. In Bailleul, for now, only the Totem, rue de la Gare, is equipped.

LThe next city council is taking place Monday 20 December at 6.30 pm. It will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel of the city of Bailleul.

On today’s agenda? One point for continue the mobilization for the defense of the public service and strengthen human resources at the Bailleul-Méteren fire station. “A resolution to demonstrate our opposition to the reduction of the staff of the Bailleul-Méteren barracks”, explains Antony Gautier, mayor of Bailleul. A resolution shared with the other five mayors involved in the intervention area of ​​the barracks.

What is the context?

The mayors of Saint-Jans-Cappel, Méteren, Caestre, Flêtre, after having alerted by post to the direction of the departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS) of the North, about the situation of the emergency center which for some months short-staffed, Merris and Bailleul, who took the initiative, Jacques Houssin, president of Sdis 59, came to meet them on November 8 to provide them with answers.

In addition, the SDIS confirmed the arrival of 4 professional firefighters (SPPs), but at the same time announced that the number of professional firefighters in the barracks of this Bailleul-Méteren would drop from 14 to 12. An announcement to which Antony Gautier, mayor of Bailleul, disagreed. ” If we listen to Sdis’ proposals, we solve the problem by reducing the number of professional firefighters. It is contradictory “, He commented, on our November columns.

The mayors, including Antony Gautier, do not adhere to this decision and make it known

In a letter dated 23 November addressed to the president of Sdis 59to the director and the sub-prefect, initiated by the mayor of Bailleul and co-signed by the mayors concerned by the barracks of Bailleul-Méteren, remember their disagreement with the decision of the departmental management to reduce the number of professional firefighters. ” We reiterate here our incomprehension and our utter opposition (…) there are every reason to think that the situation will not improve by reducing the number of PPS “, They say in this letter.

And to continue: We invite you to review your position on the reduction of professional staff at the CIS of Bailleul-Méteren and to take whatever measures you deem appropriate to allow the barracks to function optimally again.

This resolution is the first item on the agenda of the city council on 20 September. For its part, at the end of the meeting on 8 November, Jacques Houssin, president of Sdis 59, assured that an update of the situation will be organized in September 2022.

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