why seek the support of a CGPI?

Since investing in the financial markets cannot be improvised, it is often advisable to be accompanied by a specialist. On the one hand, to protect your business portfolio. On the other hand, to set up a strategy suited to your needs and your risk profile. Still need to know who to contact? Philippe Parguey, CEO of Nortia, knows something about it.

Many investors often wonder how to make the right choices in volatile financial markets, which also face ever-changing regulations … So who can they trust?

Philippe Parguey: In my opinion there is no doubt: to an Independent Wealth Management Advisor (IMAC). Why ? First of all, as the name suggests, because the CGPI is not connected to any banking network. Then, because he manages all financial, tax, personal and professional matters surrounding himself with the best professionals in the financial sector. In fact, according to the latest study conducted by Cardif, today 88% of CGPI customers are satisfied with the advice provided.

Managing your wealth may seem complicated, but the first question to ask is: what do we expect from wealth management advice? That it is tailored to your specific situation, that it is relevant, effective and that it is transparent and secure. Faced with these various imperatives, CGPIs are the best solution.

What concrete advantages can there be for an investor in entrusting his assets to a CGPI?

Philippe Parguey: A recent indicator is particularly interesting: managing well means knowing how to referee and seizing opportunities. However, as evidenced by the Independent Financial Council’s Nortia Observatory, the erratic and unpredictable year 2020 showed that CGPIs were very responsive and knew how to adapt.

Faced with the first confinement, they were able to find adequate solutions, such as structured products, to exploit volatility. Subsequently, in the second quarter, they restated their portfolios to the financial markets, thus taking advantage of attractive valuation levels.

Finally, in the uncertainty of the start of the school year in September, they used the euro fund as a holding position, to reinvest in the financial markets in the 4th quarter as soon as the uncertainties about vaccination cleared. 2020 has shown that wealth management cannot be improvised and that it requires precise monitoring at all times. 2020 highlighted the fact that skills, both in terms of financial engineering and asset engineering, are key.

What differentiates a CGPI from a banker?

Philippe Parguey: An essential element: the choice! CGPIs are at the heart of an ecosystem in which, through platforms such as Nortia, they have access to cutting-edge solutions, developed by the best professionals, be it life insurance, securities accounts, retirement insurance, real estate investments … it is what is called “open architecture”, as opposed to banking networks which, for their part, favor their “in house” products. For example in Nortia our CGPI partners have access to the policies of 10 insurance companies (in particular SPIRICA, CNP ASSURANCES, AG2R LA MONDIALE, AEP, WEALINS, etc.), to funds managed by more than one hundred management companies, to SCPI with more than ten managers … This is very important to build tailor-made allocations and thus respond appropriately to the needs of each client.

Is it possible for everyone to benefit from the advice of a CGPI?

Philippe Parguey: Naturally, assets must be understood not only in a broad sense (from real estate portfolios to stock market portfolios), but also over time (under construction or in transmission). The accompaniment of the CGPI seems to me particularly important for the heads / managers of companies. In fact, their problems are far too broad. They range from protection, for example through pension instruments, to cash management or donation schemes … So much so that the time, professional advice and energy put in place by a CGPI – always entirely focused on business growth of its customers – ultimately constitute as many guarantees of security as of performance for investors seeking support.

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