yes, retirement at 55 is possible “

Abdoulaye leaves three fatherless children. He died at the age of 41 on a construction site of the Grand Paris Express after falling into a concrete mixer. Two weeks ago it was Mathieu, a 55-year-old worker who was preparing a crypt in the Warlaing cemetery in the north. Trapped between a crane and the vault, he will die instantly. Why want to lower the retirement age when the right continues to want to extend it?

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Because we are not equal in the face of health and in the face of death. Simply. For hundreds of years we have been living in the theater of immense hypocrisy. The number of contributory years for a worker and an executive is the same, but the life expectancy of a worker is about ten years less than that of an executive. Retirement must return to its original meaning, the one we must keep, that of the National Council of Resistance. The will of the CNR was then to dedicate itself “A retirement that allows old workers to end the day with dignity”.

End their day with dignity. Where is the dignity when a worker spends his entire retirement taking care of occupational diseases instead of enjoying the presence of his friends, the warmth of his family and the time he has left to live. In the revolution of our relationship with time, the question of pensions must be treated as the last stage in the conquest of free time. Everything that has not allowed Man to be realized during his active period must be able to be realized during his retirement.

“Turners-millers, painters, bricklayers, contractors, your statutory retirement age must be 55.”

The struggle for emancipation must continue even after retirement. There is a reason why the military retires early. They risk their lives heroically and far more visibly than other arduous pursuits. Rightly, it does not offend anyone that soldiers retire earlier, because it is not a privilege, but the logical consequence of choosing a profession where death is always present.

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The military risks losing their lives and finding themselves in a situation of infirmity in a more risky way than a bank manager. Workers and many workers can find themselves in the same philosophy of the relationship with time. François Hollande and the left in power had had the right intuition creating the account of the unease. Undoubtedly, the provision could have been improved, and it would have been necessary to make it less technical and more understandable for our fellow citizens. Turners-millers, house painters, bricklayers, contractors, your statutory retirement age must be 55. Here’s how the measure should be worn. All jobs indicated as difficult must allow those who practice them to benefit from the pension before the age of 62. Living in retirement is not enough, the criterion must be to live in good health.

“Presenting universal retirement at the age of 65 is unfair, as well as absurd. ”

There would therefore be nothing shocking about authorizing retirement from the age of 55 for a worker. Conversely, in occupations where life expectancy is higher, negotiated agreements should allow some to retire a few years later, but never exceed 62 years.

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True social justice is to reform the equality of women and men in the face of time, including the time that life imposes on us. Presenting a universal retirement at the age of 65 is unfair, as well as absurd. Important negotiations must be initiated within the branches to bring about a lowering of the retirement age for the most difficult jobs. We need to get out of this 65-year retirement debate as soon as possible to address our global relationship with time.

Our country is engaged in a historical moment that will necessarily lead to radical choices. The regime change we will experience must include the question of time, it is a struggle that we now consider inevitable on the left. The pay-as-you-go system works, so you can lower the retirement age for strenuous work. Everything is therefore a question of political will and man’s relationship with time.

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